This room caters for babies from 0 to approx. 12 months. Our flexible and responsive routine responds to your child’s needs and stage of development. It

combines rest, feeding times and activity based learning that help your child develop social skills and gross motor skills. Mat sessions help infants develop strength through floor play and ‘tummy time’ as they move around and engage in play activities. A separate sleeping area is provided so children can maintain their routines from home and make the centre a home away from home.

The aim in the nursery is to provide a caring and homely environment with lots of nurturing giving our babies a sense of well being, becoming and belonging.


The Pre-Toddler Room is an active place where children aged from approx 12 months to 2 years engage in new experiences, based on their age, stage of development and interests, as they further develop their motor, sensory and social skills. This is also a time where we are able to encourage children’s self-help skills such as washing their hands or feeding themselves.


This 2 to 3 year age is an important time for language acquisition and development and for children to learn different ways of communicating and build relationships. This is promoted through all activities including individual and group time, quiet time, sensory play and messy play. Singing, dancing, drawing and painting are favourite activities of this age group and are a daily part of the child-initiated program. Children are encouraged to learn self-help skills and to take care of their own belongings. Those involved with toilet training will be allowed the time and patience to achieve this very important life lesson.


By listening to children’s voices we provide a stimulating and holistic program for 3 to 4 year olds designed to prepare children for school socially, emotionally and academically. We run our Pre – Kinder room with a Bachelor trained Kindergarten Teacher. Our program emphasises and extends basic numeracy and literacy skills while encouraging children to become independent with their belongings and able to put on their own clothing. Oportunities are provided to each child to form friendships and play with other children in group activities as well as undertaking solo activities. Outdoor play continues to develop gross motor skills. Cooking experiences and serving meals help children gain an understanding of healthy living. Special days each week enable parents to come and share their special talents, or just participate in our cooking or science activities.


The Kinder Room incorporates the Funded Kindergarten Program. With the 4-5 year old age group, a major focus is social awareness and building independence skills. We constantly encourage children’s independence and self-help skills by getting them to be responsible by putting things in their bags, putting on their own sunscreen, dressing themselves, etc.  A play based curriculum gives children daily opportunities to direct their learning through choosing experiences that are relevant and meaningful. The program increases their school readiness through consolidating basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as promoting their social skills and embedding the importance of showing respect for each other. This builds the foundations for lifelong learning.