Veggie gardens
Water conservation

    When we touch on sustainable practices, we teach the children at Lang Park and Acacia Park "Environmental education". 

    We promote water conservation, recycling, and growing seasonal foods in our gardens to be used at the centre. By incorporating natural and recycled resources and materials into the program, we support the children's engagement and respect for the natural environments.

    We've added fun touches to this practice which the children are delighted to partake in, such as the shared library, vegetable gardens, worm farms, comport area’s, water tanks and community pantry, plus more. 


Our Veggie patch is ready to explore! It comes equipped with gloves, gumboots, spades, shovels, watering cans, seedling and pots!

As a centre, we aim to be as energy-efficient as possible in terms of how we operate, and we teach children to be mindful of their own energy usage. We encourage and empower children and educators to take responsibility to make informed decisions towards a sustainable future.

The environment plays a significant part in your child’s learning. At our Early Learning Centre, we see the environment as the third educator, after the parent and teacher. 

The environment should excite a child’s mind to enhance their learning and capture their imagination. We make use of natural resources and organise the environment for children to be independent learners. We believe children are connected and contribute to their world when demonstrating increasing knowledge and respect for natural and constructed environments.

By providing natural play spaces and environments, we foster imagination and creativity, stimulating children’s senses and creating a calmer and inviting atmosphere. We’ve created a world for your children to harness their actions positively and encouragingly to build a brighter future for tomorrow.

"From little things, big things grow"

OPENING SOON! Acacia Park ELC & Kindergarten: 26 Union Rd, Langwarrin
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