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Our centre’s educators are passionate about their roles in your child's life. From imaginative play, to fostering interests and cultivating education into everyday life, the team we have hand picked at our centres go above and beyond to bring a little bit of magic to every day.

"The relationships we build with our families are second to none"


Terri | Director

Never resting on our laurels & always striving daily to improve our curriculum, practices & personal pedagogies are one of the things I enjoy most about working at Lang Park. The relationships we build with our families are second to none and I believe a standout of the service we offer.

I began my career in early childhood education when my youngest child went into primary school. Having been involved in local kindergartens & playgroups with my own children, I wanted to find a career where I would still be able to support young children’s learning & Play.

A career highlight for me would have to be receiving our exceeding rating. As a director, to have achieved this as a start-up service & maintained this quality for years is such a wonderful feeling. Managing a team of such dedicate

Reggio Emilia Learning Approach

Kellie | Approved Provider

The thing I enjoy the most about the work we do at Lang Park is the continued high-quality delivery of early childhood education & care. As a long-time resident of Langwarrin, I love being able to meet the communities needs by offering a centre that feels like an extension of their home and family.

I began my career in early childhood education, as working with children & supporting their learning & development has always been an interest of mine, since I was a little girl. I loved the idea of doing a traineeship as hands-on learning is where I thrive.

A definite stand out for me is achieving and maintaining our exceeding rating. To have been able to achieve this within 12 months of opening, I believe reflects the hard work & dedication every educator at Lang Park has to early childhood education.


Katherine | Educational Leader

Everything we do at Lang Park is authentic and this is what I enjoy the most! To come into an environment every day where your personal beliefs align with your professional pedagogy is fantastic, the flow between work & life, education & care then becomes effortless.

I began my career in early childhood education at 16 years old, following in my mum’s footsteps. I quickly discovered this was the career path for me & I have never looked back! From a trainee to a room leader, assistant director, director & now educational leader, I am forever grateful that I have been able to experience a variety of roles, each of them helping me to grow, but I believe I have found my forever role within being an educational leader!

Directing a 160 place start-up service at 20 years old would have to be one of the highlights for me. I believe that time of my career is when I truly understood the importance of facilitating high-quality care & education services to our future generations. I must also mention the exceeding rating we received at Lang Park! To be recognised for the dedication We have high-quality care & education will forever be a highlight of my career.


Kaye | Kindergarten Teacher

The starting point of my career as an early childhood teacher is when I was a part-time tutor, teaching children English as a second language in Hong Kong many years ago. I remembered watching these children grow to enjoy learning English, finding ways to make English fun to learn for themselves and sharing their achievement with me.

Teaching a group of young learners can be challenging, however, I enjoyed these challenges as I often get to learn and discover new skills and knowledge alongside them, for example, I get to learn how to say “parasaurolophus” because it is one’s child favourite dinosaur of all. Also, I am always on the go, thinking about what I can teach the children, or how can I teach some complicated concepts to children in fun ways so that children can absorb and broaden their knowledge. Moreover, every day at kindergarten is not the same, as everyday children bring in something new, and sometimes something unexpected that will either give you a big laugh, or more challenges. Nevertheless, it is always rewarding to see that children were able to learn, attempt and achieve new skills through constant teaching, guiding, supporting and encouragement.

Last but not least, the standout moment of working as a teacher is seeing the smiles that the children have when they shared with their peers, teachers and families about their achievements, such as putting on their shoes, writing their name, discover a new skill through play or learn new knowledge. Through their smiles, you can see they are proud of themselves and the confidence in them have grown. This brings satisfaction to me knowing that the children are learning comfortably within the kindergarten and slowly becoming unique individuals.


Jessie | Kindergarten Teacher

I love the way children keep you grounded and remind you to slow down, admiring and showing wonder in the way the world works. Often as adults, we forget to stop and look at the sky or play in the mud. Children have an incredible way of showing you how amazing everyday life really is.

From an early age I was interested in art and then moving into my teenage years I took an interest in sustainability. As I explored career options I began to understand the positive impact I could have on young children and that their knowledge and understanding of the world could help create a better planet for us all. I started at seventeen, completing my certificates and diploma through on the job training and then going on to study at Monash University.

The way we adapted and started using technology in new ways during 2020. We made the most out of a challenging time and kept our community engaged and connected through WebEx and online learning. We learnt a lot through that experience and understand even more deeply now the importance of our Lang Park family.

The team we have is one of a kind and everyone brings such a wonderfully unique element to the curriculum. The children here are influenced in such a positive way by the knowledge we all share across a variety of different areas like music, dance, art, literature, mathematics and science.

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